New Mexico Jobs

New Mexico as a city is fast waking up to a number of job opportunities. The web sites designed for providing employment and showing the employment status in New Mexico, are perhaps, one of the best and the most user friendly.

The most preferred active jobs in New Mexico are nursing in the health and medicine industry, administrative jobs, accounting, and the jobs in the sales sector. The total numbers of jobs available at any particular time are also listed on the web sites. You will find a number of different categories listed on the homepage of the sites, which will give you a detailed account of the various salary scales, which the jobs at New Mexico offer. You also get an idea about how you should create your resume and are allowed to post it for free on the site so that employer’s looking for new employees may notice you if you fit the requirements chalked out by their companies.

You can subscribe to various newsletters that are published by a number of publishing houses, which discuss job prospects, job satisfaction and job vacancies. There are a number of job fairs that are organized in New Mexico from time to time. These fairs are great help to those looking for jobs or those wishing to divert from their current line of profession.

New Mexico also provides great opportunities for those wishing to immigrate to this city for fresh employment prospects. New Mexico as a city is extremely conducive to all those who wish to settle down there from elsewhere, one will have very few problems with feeling at home in the environment.

While choosing the job though, one should be careful about the reputation and the credibility of the company. Going by the list of featured companies and featured employers on various web sites can be of great help in this direction.
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New Mexico Tourism

There are a number of reasons, which make New Mexico one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of America. Within the horizons of New Mexico, one can not only taste the flavor of cuisines from all over the world but can also breathe in the intoxicating aroma of the ancient cultures that have lived through the years in this city. New Mexico as a tourist destination offers something for everybody.
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If you are a connoisseur of art then you will find there a number of world-renowned museums and art galleries. If holiday for you, means living life on the edge with a number of adventure sports then the city promises not to leave you disappointed. Mountains, deserts, lakes and forests make the diverse landscape features that will make you gasp for more.
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If you are planning a vacation to New Mexico then you will not have to sweat it out. The Government’s tourism department will provide you with all the information and resources that you require in order to plan your trip to this paradise.
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Eating and lodging expenses in this city are not very high. Along with that there are great deals offered by various tourism agencies throughout the year. It is a good idea to visit the city as part of a packaged tour. This will give you an opportunity to experience the best that the city has to offer.
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The best thing about your visit to this city will perhaps be the fact that there is no inhibition to the number of different kinds of cuisines offered by this city. Tourists here are made to feel right at home.
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Whether it is Chinese, Korean, French, Italian or Indian, you will find it all here. Huge varieties of lodging facilities are also available. If you look carefully, you are sure to find something that suits both your budget and your other requirements.
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Perhaps what sets this place apart from other tourist destinations are its warm and friendly people. These people have an extremely embracing culture which will immediately make you feel a part of the entire experience, an experience which will forever remain etched in your memory as one of the most pleasant times of your life.
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New Mexico History

The land and minerals of New Mexico have been used since the prehistoric time of the early cultures in the Southwest that long preceded the flourishing sedentary civilization of the Pueblos, which the Spanish found along the Rio Grande and its tributaries.
Many of the Native American Pueblos exist today much as they were in the 13th century. The word of the pueblos reached the Spanish through Cabeza de Vaca, who may have wandered across Southern New Mexico between 1528 and 1536. They were identified by Fray Marcos de Niza, as the fabulously rich Seven Cities of Cibola.
A full-scale expedition, dating from 1540 to 1542 to find the cities, under the leadership of Francisco Vásquez de Coronado, was dispatched from New Spain. The first regular colony at San Juan is believed to have been founded by Juan de Oñate in 1598.
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In 1609, Pedro de Peralta was appointed Governor of the “Kingdom and Provinces of New Mexico,” and a year later he founded his capital at Santa Fe. The little colony did not prosper too much, although some of the missions flourished and haciendas were founded.
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The subjection of Native Americans to forced labor and attempts by missionaries to convert them resulted in violent revolts by the Apache in 1676 and the Pueblo in 1680. These rebellions drove the Spanish entirely out of New Mexico.
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The Spanish did not return until the campaign of Diego de Vargas Zapata, re-established their control in 1692. In the 18th century, the development of ranching and some farming and mining became more abundant, laying the foundations for the Spanish culture in New Mexico that still exists.
When Mexico achieved its independence from Spain in 1821, New Mexico became a province of Mexico, and trade was opened up with the United States. In 1841, a group of Texans embarked on an expedition to assert Texan claims to parts of New Mexico and were eventually captured. The Mexican War marked the arrival of the Anglo-American culture to New Mexico.
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Stephen Kearny entered Santa Fe in 1846 without opposition, and two years later, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ceded New Mexico to the United States. The territory, which included Arizona and other territories, was enlarged by the Gadsden Purchase in 1853.
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A bid for statehood and an antislavery constitution was halted by the Compromise of 1850, which settled the Texas boundary question in New Mexico’s favor and organized New Mexico as a territory without restriction on slavery.
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In the Civil War, New Mexico was at first occupied by Confederate troops from Texas, but was eventually taken over by Union forces early in 1862. After the war and the withdrawal of the troops, the territory was plagued by conflict with the Apache and the Navajo Native American tribes.
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The surrender of Apache chief Geronimo in 1886 ended the conflict in New Mexico and Arizona, which had been made a separate territory in 1863. However, there were local troubles prevalent even after that time.
Already the ranchers had taken over a large portion of the grasslands. The coming of the Santa Fe Railroad in 1879 encouraged the great cattle boom of the 1880s. New Mexico finally gained statehood in 1912.
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Buying Real Estate in Mexico – The “New” Mexican Real Estate Market

It seems that the Mexican real estate market is beginning to “come of age”. The inherent beauty of the country and unique charm of the people have begun to attract an interesting blend of buyers from all over the world.
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There are numerous properties available with everything from new home developments to historic villas and adorable bed and breakfasts to suit any taste and budget. Along with the recent surge of interest in Mexican real estate have come some improvements in real estate practices.
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There is still no required licensing for real estate agents, but there is a voluntary membership available for real estate professionals and great strides have been made to ensure “truth in advertising” among realtors.
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The downside of the increased interest is that the prices have increased (good news if you are selling, of course). The increased prices combined with the current real estate downturn in the US is making the once popular practice of taking a second mortgage on your current home in the US to make an all cash deal for Mexican real estate a thing of the past. Historically, very few homes in Mexico have been financed (currently less than 25% of homes there are financed), but the need for mortgages is on the rise.
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Lenders need a reliable source of data to be able to secure loans for this growing market. In the US the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) provides information on available properties and buying trends to buyers, sellers and lenders alike.
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There are several “MLS” web sites that have cropped up on the Mexican real estate scene, but most of them are nothing more than marketing sites for real estate agents. MLS international seems to be the only true MLS site specializing in the Mexican market where buyers, sellers or lenders can obtain the information they need to make an informed decision.
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Another advantage of a multiple listing service such as MLS International is the ability to search for homes and properties all throughout Mexico without having to drive from state to state and real estate office to real estate office as was quite common in the past. A person can have their list of properties they are interested in and plan to visit them all in one trip to Mexico, saving countless hours driving aimlessly around the country.
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Whether you are a real estate investor or just looking for a beautiful place to retire, things certainly look good in Mexico right now. It is actually quite unusual for Mexico’s real estate market to be doing so well while its American neighborbor’s market is in such a slump, but this may just be a sign of the new Mexican economy that appears to be on the rise. Whether this growth will continue remains to be seen, but from here the future looks as bright as the Aztec sun for the Mexican real estate market and the many new industries that are opening up as a result of it.

The Benefits of Travel to Sacred Places

Visiting sacred places can have a profoundly positive impact on people’s lives. Earth is dotted with power centers where people have experienced visions, healings, prophecies, inspiration or insight into the meaning of their lives. Stonehenge in England, the Pyramids in Egypt, Machu Picchu in Peru, Sedona in Arizona and Mount Shasta in California are among the world’s best known power sites, but there are over 1,000 stone circles, holy wells, sacred forests, healing springs, oracle caves and pagan temples across the planet that have been attracting visitors since ancient times.

The healing power of sacred places

Only 30 miles from Santa Fe, New Mexico is El Santuario de Chimayo where 300,000 visitors each year come to scoop sand from a hole in the floor of the “Room of Miracles.” Its walls are lined with letters and photographs from hundreds of thankful pilgrims who say they were healed here. Cornwall, in the southwest of England, has more than a dozen holy wells where, like Lourdes in France, miraculous cures have been reported for hundreds of years.

Jean Shinoda Bolen, MD, a psychiatrist and clinical professor at the University of California, documented the healing power of both prayer and pilgrimage in her book, Close to the Bone. “The energy of sacred places is very subtle,” she said. “The healing capacity of a place can aid the healing process similar to the way that prayer can. When someone goes on a pilgrimage believing they may be healed there, they can set powerful forces into motion.”

Vision quests lead to self-understanding

Going on vision quests is a North American native tradition that has become a popular New Age practice. It involves spending time alone in an isolated, often wilderness setting, in hope of receiving a message to guide one’s life. When Helene A. Shik leads spiritual tour groups to islands in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides, she often includes a vision quest opportunity at a holy well called Tobar na h’oige (the Fountain of Youth) on the tiny island of Iona. A popular pilgrimage site for Pagans and Christians alike, Iona is the burial place of 48 ancient Scottish kings, including Duncan, who was murdered by Macbeth in 1040. Shik says Iona was a sacred isle for pre-historic Celts and later for the Druids. “It’s a place where the veil between the worlds is thin,” she says, “where we can transcend time and space.” Shik says her tours give people new perspectives on their lives, enabling them to understand themselves more clearly. “Sometimes people learn more about themselves in two weeks with me than they could in 20 years of therapy.”

Sedona vortexes stimulate creativity

One of the most power energy centers in the USA is Sedona, Arizona. Once a secret known to few outsiders save for Hollywood crews who filmed countless western movies in its picturesque canyons, Sedona became an artists’ colony in the 1950s when surrealist painter and sculptor Max Ernst and author Kahlil Gibran moved in. After the 1987 Harmonic Convergence was held in Sedona, it became the New Age center of the country. A 1995 study by the Chamber of Commerce found that 64% of Sedona’s four million visitors per year come to find “some kind of spiritual experience.” The focal points of Sedona’s power are four energy vortexes, identified in 1980 by trance medium Paige Bryant.

It is a rare visitor who does not feel invigorated by the vortex energy. Many people who retire to Sedona because of its mild climate and beautiful scenery suddenly develop an interest in painting, sculpture or crafts work, even though they had no previous artistic interests. It is not uncommon for visitors to fall in love with Sedona, buy homes there, and then a few months later have to move out because they are unable to withstand the constant force of so much energy. Sedona is also the headquarters for dozens of astrologers, psychics, spiritual counselors, massage therapists and other energy workers. A local psychic association member joked that “Sedona is the only city in the world with 1,500 channels and no TV station.”

How to get the most from sacred sites

People hoping for a transformational travel experience can enhance their chances of a non-ordinary event by preparing in advance of their visit. Before a native youth went on a vision quest, he or she would train with a shaman to learn about the spirit world. They might take part in extensive prayers, fasting, drumming, chanting, dancing and even psyotropoic herbs or mushrooms. You can’t expect to have a similar quality experience if you simply show up at a place like Stonehenge, buy a ticket, follow a tour guide around and take a few pictures. Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen suggests, “You need to approach a pilgrimage site with an attitude of openness. Since you are going there to be affected by the place, you have to allow yourself to be affected.” At the very least, you should approach a sacred place with a humble attitude and ask permission from the spirits before you enter.

Trinidad Cuba Travel Guide

Trinidad is found at the foot of the Guamuhaya mountain range in Cuba's Sancti Spiritus province on the Caribbean coast. The town is like a large museum set between the sea and the mountains in central Cuba. Not only is the town steeped in history and culture, it also offers a great range of hotels, restaurants, bars, museums, beaches and the neverending hospitality of the local people. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988 the cobblestone streets, squares, pastel colored houses, palaces and plazas here seem to have stepped back in time. To take in the amazing sights the town is best explored on foot or by horse-drawn carriage. Guided tours are probably the best option so that you don't miss any of the amazing sights.

There many wonderful sights to see in and around Trinidad.

Close to Trinidad is the Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of the Sugar Mills) which is also a World Heritage Site. Here you will find La Torre Iznaga, a 148ft tower which was built around 1840. Originally built to watch over the slaves who worked in the cane fields and mills, the tower gives amazing views over the valley including the ruins of 70 centuries old sugar mills .

Casilda Bay offers beautiful sandy beaches, warm clear blue waters, excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities and a nearby islet with pristine beaches for all the family to enjoy.

The Roman style Yayabo Bridge was built in the 19th century and symbolizes the city of Sancti Spiritus, the capital of the Sancti Spiritus province.

Trinidads 17th century Iglesia Parroquial Mayor (Major Parish Church) is Cuba's oldest church and is a fine example of Spanish-Arab influence. The Milagroso Cristo de Vera Cruz (Miraculous Christ of Vera Cruz can be found here in the parish church. This is a bow ornament from a Spanish galleon that landed here in the 18th century. The Ermita de la Popa church was inspired by Spanish maritime traditional , hence it was built on the road up to La Vigia in Trinidad so that it could be seen from the sea. The Spanish influence and Spanish colonial architecture comes from the families who emigrated to Cuba from the Canary Islands and set up homes and tobacco growing businesses in San Jose de Lago.

In the mountains, about 12 miles from Trinidad, is Topes de Collantes, one of Cuba's premier ecotourism centers.

This charming colonial town is a must visit on your package holidays to Cuba.

There are lots of last minute holidays to this amazing country, Cuba will not disappoint you with all its history and culture just waiting to be explored.

Finding Medical Treatment in Mexico

Medical Tourism has become an extremely popular method of treating health needs among Americans as well as a number of other countries. In America, we have two extremes. We have the failure of our present system, which leaves millions of Americans unable to afford basic health services, and then we have the possibility of a socialist disaster looming before us at the time of this writing.

Only time will tell what the outcome will be. But you are probably reading this article because the system in America isn't working for you.

Perhaps you are looking to our southern neighbor because it is possible to save up to 2/3 the cost of medical treatments by going there. Perhaps you are considering moving to Mexico and want to be sure that you understand what you will be dealing with there. Or perhaps you will be traveling and want to know what your options are in case of an emergency.

Mexico is the most common destination for surgeries abroad according to the largest medical tourism survey completed by YourSurgeryAbroad.com in cooperation with the International Medical Travel Association (IMTA).

Of the people who had gone abroad for surgery, a quarter had gone to Mexico, 15.9 percent to Canada and 10.2 percent to India. Current trends reveal that most Americans who choose to look abroad for treatment prefer to stay within North and Central America ran than seek medical treatment further away. Factors include confidence in the medical standards, comfort with the cultural background and ease of travel.

According to the survey, the report shows that older people are more likely to choose Mexico, including 45.5 percent of 56-65 year-olds and 40 percent of 46-55 year-olds. For those aged 36-45, Canada was the most common choice at 30.8 percent. Out of the 25-35 age range, the largest percentage, 25 percent had been to India.

According to a 2008 Deloitte study, more than one million American, British and Canadian patients were treated abroad. This figure is predicted to rise beyond 15 million by 2017.

With more than 40 million Americans without insurance, the option of traveling abroad for treatment is becoming more and more attractive to many. Some are using their own medical savings accounts to fund their treatments, traveling abroad for necessary procedures, some are moving to Mexico and other places where they can take advantage of the public health care system there, and some are purchasing global health insurance policies with high deductibles to insure that they can obtain major medical services.

One of the things that you will hear over and over as you research your options, is the comparison between how you are treated as an individual in a Mexico hospital or doctor's office, as compared with the way you're treated in the states.

Almost exclusively, American patients of Mexican doctors speak of their compassion, their concern, and the amount of time they take with a patient, even making follow up telephone calls to insure their patients are doing well. In fact, it is not unusual at all to find doctors in Mexico who make house calls!

And amazingly, though Mexican hospitals will require cash payment up front for their services, there are a number of referral agencies that provide help with financing your entire treatment, including travel, surgery or treatment, and recovery.

Those who live within driving distance of the border are especially fortunate. Thousands travel from Southern California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas across the border to take care of medical procedures and dental care.

For those without insurance, who are self-funding their medical options, Mexico is a boon, with huge savings and yet high quality care from world class physicians. For those who live in Mexico part time (or considering it) there are incredible options, including taking advantage of Mexico's IMSS (their nationalized health care plan) for only $ 250 per year!

Other areas of treatment popular among medical tourists to Mexico are bariatric (weight loss) surgeries and Alternative and Complementary treatments for cancer and other serious illnesses.

Germany Travel Tip – Holidays In The Ammergauer Alps

The Ammergauer Alps are located between Germany’s highest mountain, the Zugspitze and the famous castle Neuschwanstein, in the heart of the Bavarian Alps. They stand for an unspoiled mountainous region with a rich cultural heritage and an environmentally development of tourism. The most beautiful time is the autumn season, when the color of the leaves turn red and golden, making you believe you are in the depth of the Canadian woods. The Ammergauer Alps are a snow guaranteed area and you can chose from many options to join in the winter fun. The small town of Unterammergau, is called Kinderlandort since 2004, a quality award for especially children friendly towns. Located next to mountain Steckenberg, it offers fun for the whole family throughout the seasons and proves the well earned quality award.

The Ammergauer Alps, also called Ammergebirge is a mountain range that partly belongs to Germany, Free State of Bavaria and to Austria, federal state Tirol. It is framed by the well-known towns Füssen, Oberammergau, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Ehrwald and Reutte. The border between the administrative districts of Upper Bavaria and Swabia, runs from south to north through the Ammergauer Alps. In the snow guaranteed valleys between Unterammergau, Oberammergau, Ettal and castle Linderhof is a wide net of cross-country ski-tracks and on the first weekend in February the annual König-Ludwig-Langlauf, attracts numerous international professionals to this most beautiful location.

Snow fun in the Ammergauer Alps

Alpine skiing can be fun for the whole family, as much as sledding, ice-skating, Nordic walking or snowshoeing. Ok, the latter first feels a bit like walking on tennis rackets with your legs apart, reminding a bit of Django, but once you are off the beaten track, you feel like a trapper in a pristine winter wonder world. The ski areas of the Ammergauer Alps include mount Steckenberg in Unterammergau, mount Kolben in Oberammergau and mount Hörnle in the Spa Town of Bad Kohlgrub. 150 km of cross-country ski-tracks lead you through the Ammergauer Alps with both, the classic and the skater tracks available. If you or your kids are beginners, plenty of schools are nearby to get you started in your new favorite sport.

Steckenberg in Unterammergau

Here you can choose from 7 lifts and 10 slopes with an altitude between 830 and 1,100 meter. From Mondays through Fridays night ski-runs are offered. At the foot of the mountain is a very good learning area for kids and beginners. Join the fun between the middle of December until March daily from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. and in the evenings between 7.00 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Kolben in Oberammergau

This mountain has 1 chair lift, 7 drag lifts and 7 km of ski-runs with an altitude between 874 and 1,276 meter. Mount Kolben has 90 % of blue slopes and 1 km of red slopes, who are convenient located in wide forest aisles. That guarantees a good visibility on snowy days and that the snow stays long.

Laber in Oberammergau

This mountain is the place of the cult chair lift, that can only transport 11 people at a time and the only way down is Germany’s steepest slope, the free riding slope. Adrenaline will pump through your system on this 2.5 km long and very demanding stretch.

Hörnle in Bad Kohlgrub

Here you get up with 1 chair lift or 4 lifts and the 3.5 km ski-run awaits you at the top with an altitude between 900 and 1,400 meter. It can get a bit cold on the 20 minutes way up to the mountain, but 2 beautiful valley slopes, a family friendly ski run and an area; aimed for free riders will warm you up pretty soon. There is also an area with 2 small training lifts, 140 and 350 meter, suitable for kids.

Sledding experiences currently a renaissance, it’s fun and it’s trendy. In the Ammergauer Alps you can choose from options with or without a lift. In Unterammergau you either use the natural toboggan run at the Scherenauer Street, or make your way up to the classic toboggan run on the Forststrasse, it is in fact a street! In Oberammergau you can go up by lift and enjoy the downhill toboggan run with a length of 600 meter. In Bad Kohlgrub the mountain Hörnle offers a thrilling 4.5 km toboggun run, daily between 9.00 a.m. and 4 p.m.. When the ice is thick enough visit the lake Soier, which is the most beautiful location for ice skating and curling. Also in Oberammergau you can try this sport at the Malensteinweg, a street in town, and in Ettal you can skate at the Ettaler mill. Curling is a favorite sport for Bavarians and on the weekends you can watch their teams enjoying themselves and you are not left out. Courses are offered for all guests who want to give it a try. And just when you can’t take all the fun anymore, take your kids to the valley Graswangtal and get in touch with the wild beasts of the region. Actually they are no beasts, just hungry deer. From a nice viewpoint you can watch them one by one stepping out the forest by dawn, a truly winter experience to see these wild animals with their huge antler. A thrilling experience to end a day in the Ammergauer Alps.

This is an example of what you can do in Hohenschwangau while traveling in Germany. If you want learn more about Hohenschwangau we compiled a more comprehensive Hohenschwangau travel guide in collaboration with local residents that provides unique travel insider tips which you can use during you Germany vacation.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico – Why is it So Popular?

The Mayan Riviera, a stretch of coastline on the Yucatan Peninsula running from just outside Cancun in the North to the ancient Mayan site of Tulum in the South is rapidly growing in popularity. Why has this previously quiet area of ​​the Yucatan Peninsula become a magnate for tourists?

Costs and Atmosphere on the Mayan Riviera

For visitors from North America, the Mayan Riviera is a more laid back alternative to Florida. It can also be cheaper to visit than either Florida or the Caribbean islands such as Barbados or Jamaica.

For visitors from continental Europe or the UK there is the added attraction of the current favorable exchange rate. This can make traveling to the Mayan Riviera a more cost-effective option than visiting Southern Europe over a two-week stay.

Mayan Riviera Ancient Sites

Few tropical destinations have the benefit of the fascinating ancient sites on the Mayan Riviera. At Tulum in the South the ruins are actually right on the coast, so you can admire them from your sun lounger! Other sites of note (all possible in a day) are Coba, Chichen Itza, and, Xel Ha.

Beaches, Diving, Snorkeling and Water Sports

Where does one even start to describe the beaches on the Mayan Riviera: Beautiful white sand beaches with warm ocean water. Warm breezes and your favorite cocktail served at your sun bed – now that's what I call a holiday! The Mayan Riviera is blessed with the stunningly beautiful Caribbean Sea with all its opportunities for water sports and diving / snorkeling. The island of Cozumel is a real magnate for diving enthusiasts, offering deeper water closer to the shore than the mainland resorts.

Activities and Theme Parks

If golf is your thing, you are well catered for here, with courses in or neat all of the major resorts. For the kids try Xel Ha or Xcaret – Eco-Theme parks that they will love. Shopping is fabulous with many bargains to be had including local crafts. Other possibilities include kayaking, sailing, and horse riding.


The range of possibilities on a holiday / vacation to the Mayan Riviera is simply amazing. The climate and Caribbean Sea are beautiful, the people friendly, and the cost reasonable – what are you waiting for?

Travel Historic Route 66 Through Arizona

Route 66 can trace it's history back to the late 1920's when it was first proposed and laid out. However it was not until 1938 that the road was completely paved from it's eastern beginning in Chicago, Illinois to it's western terminus in Santa Monica, CA some 2,450 miles later. Of course the route can be traveled either eastwardly or westerly though most Route 66 travelers prefer to head from east to west just as the Joad family did in John Steinbeck's famous literary work, The Grapes of Wrath.

Sadly, Route 66 began to be replaced in the 1960's by new Interstate highways that bypassed many small towns along the way and was removed completely from the interstate highway system in 1985. However in part to many Route 66 organizations, small town chambers of commerce, enthusiasts and historians a plenty refused to let it die. Over the past 25 years there has been a new resurgence of heritage tourism that has rekindled interest in preserving this great piece of Americana history & nostalgia that is Route 66.

Often referred to as “The Mother Road”, “America's Main Street” or “Will Rogers Highway” the route passes through eight different states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. Let's take a look at the state of Arizona in more detail.


Heading west, Arizona is the 7th of the 8 Route 66 states and has 401 miles from border to border. It boasts some of the most beautiful scenery, a few of the most unique must-see establishments, the highest elevation and the longest unbroken stretch of Route 66 on the entire journey.

Geographically, Arizona is home to Meteor Crater, Petrified Forest and Painted Desert. These locations make for some incredible photo opportunities but also a chance for exploring and hiking these natural attractions.

About 75 miles into Arizona, past both the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert is the town of Holbrook. Home to the Wigwam Village Motel, most Route 66 travelers look forward to sleeping in a tepee and many cite this landmark as a highlight of their trip. Further west is Joseph City, a Mormon establishment set up in the late 1870's. Located in Joseph City is the famous Jackrabbit Trading Post. One of the most well known signature sites of Route 66 is the famous billboard that exclaims “HERE IT IS” located at the Jackrabbit Trading Post.

Further west past the Meteor Crater and the towns of “standin 'on the corner” Winslow, the extinct Two Guns, the abandoned Twin Arrows and the “don't forget” Winona lies the city of Flagstaff. Flagstaff is home to the famous Lowell Observatory and is also the gateway to the Grand Canyon located an hours drive north. The canyon is well worth a side trip off Route 66 to see one of the eight natural wonders of the world. If you'd rather you can also access the spectacular Grand Canyon via the Grand Canyon Railway out of Williams just 30 or so miles west of Flagstaff. Between Flagstaff and Williams lies Brannigan Peak. At 7,320 feet above sea level it is the highest point of elevation along the entire route of Rt. 66.

15 miles west of Williams is Ash Fork, the flagstone capital of the world. Just past Ash Fork you can say goodbye to I-40 as you begin the longest unbroken stretch of Route 66 on the entire journey. Be sure to stop at the legendary Snow Cap Drive-in in Seligman and the fascinating general store in Hackberry before arriving in Kingman. Here you'll find many still-preserved business establishments catering to the Route 66 traveler including a very well done museum.

Be sure to leave Kingman while you still have daylight because you're not going to miss the incredible scenery that lies ahead as you travel through the Black Mountain switchbacks & hairpins ahead. Oatman awaits, as do the many wild burros that call the old mining town home. Be sure to check out the historic Oatman hotel where Clark Gable and Carole Lombard spent their honeymoon.

Leaving Oatman you can take a quick side trip over to the casinos of Laughlin Nevada and try your luck or you can continue on through Golden Shores, Topock and get back onto I-40 to cross the mighty Colorado River into California.

Jasper – Travel to Canada's Rocky Mountain Paradise

Mention the Canadian Rockies, and most people instantly think of Banff. As the main tourist destination in the Rockies, Banff is very much a commercial town geared to tourism. But for those who like their Rockies a little quieter, 250 kilometers north is paradise – the town of Jasper.

July and August are the peak times to visit Jasper, but if you don't mind colder weather and like your lakes frozen, you can avoid some of the tourists by visiting in the few months either side. The weather can be haphazard, so allow a little flexibility in your plans.

Six kilometers south of Jasper is Whistler Mountain. If you visit early or late in the day, you will most likely hear the melodic sounds made by the whistling marmots living on the lower slopes of the mountain. Early birds can also get cheaper tickets on the Whistler Mountain gondola. The terminus is at 2,500m, with spectacular views south to the Columbia Icefields, and west to Mount Robson.

For those who prefer to look up at mountains, there are plenty of beautiful lakes close to town, all surrounded by snow topped peaks. Patricia and Pyramid Lakes, 8km north-west of town, are small and quiet. They have beaches just begging for picnickers to sit on them and admire the view after a tranquil lunch. Herds of elk and deer roam the area, and if you're very lucky, you may spot a coyote or a black bear.

Maligne Lake is south of Jasper, and is the largest of the glacier fed lakes. A boathouse from the 1920s completes the storybook setting. There are a couple of excellent hikes in the area, taking full advantage of the beautiful scenery.

Nearby is Maligne Canyon, a narrow cleft through the rocks filled with roaring water during the spring thaw. It's also home to a very active herd of big horn sheep, who can jump out of nowhere to startle tourists.

For those visitors who like more leisurely pursuits, it is possible to swim in Lakes Annette and Edith near town. Located at around 1000m, they are popular during the summer months, although it's still not advisable to take a lengthy swim in the icy waters.

After a few hard days of sightseeing, go for a leisurely drive about 40km towards Edmonton. At the sleepy little town of Pocahontas (she certainly got around!) Take the turnoff to Miette Hot Springs. The renovated spas contain two pools, and are a welcome respite for tired bodies. On the way there you may be lucky enough to see mountain goats beside the road, although they're more likely to be perched on a cliff high above you.

Another excellent drive is route 93A, which was the original road heading out of Jasper towards Banff. Now preserved as a scenic route, the road offers a number of interesting stops. Keep your eyes open, especially during the quieter times early and late in the day, because wild life abounds here. Mother bears with their cubs have been seen chomping on berries right beside the road!

The aptly named “Meeting of the Waters” marks the place where two rivers join together. During the spring thaw this meeting can make for spectacular waterworks. Further along, it is worth taking the time to visit Moab Lake. A pleasant walk ends with the magnificently sited lake, mountains hovering in the background.

Skiers visiting in winter will certainly want to make the trip to Marmot Basin, a popular ski resort south of Jasper on 93A. In summer, however, it looks much the same as any other deserted ski field, except for the breathtaking scenery.

One of the final stops before the road rejoins the main highway is the Athabasca Falls. A raging torrent in spring, the fierce waters tumble and crash over hundreds of smoothed boulders. The adventurous can explore further up the river, but wear shoes with a good grip.

When the time comes to leave Jasper, there are two major routes. Those who arrived by train can continue their journey either east to Edmonton and on across the Canadian plains, or west to Vancouver. This route takes you on one of the most spectacular train journeys in the world, with incredible scenery in every direction.

For those traveling by car, allow plenty of time to explore the 230km Icefields Parkway which connects Jasper to Banff, with a slight detour to Lake Louise. The road follows a valley through the Eastern Mountain Ranges, and offers spectacular scenery and plenty of wildlife. By the end of the day you'll probably have a stiff neck from craning upwards to see the view.

The Sunwapta Falls are set in chunky terraces of rock, and it's worth taking a short stroll to the viewing platform. Peyto Lake is a beautiful glacial lake, but should only be visited when the snow clears, otherwise the gentle uphill stroll can become a mammoth battle through waist high snow drifts.

Another beautiful stop is the Tangle Falls. Intrepid visitors can do some exploring here, rewarded by a close up look at the rushing waters. The best known stop, however, is Athabasca Glacier. This glacier has been steadily retreating for years, and there are date markers so you can see the gradual regression. It is possible to take a truck ride on the ice, or you can simply walk from the car park. Be warned – the weather can change very rapidly during your visit, so be prepared.

The Weeping Wall is particularly interesting after or during rain, with thousands of tiny waterfalls pouring down its rough faces. And for those nature lovers with a penchant for moose, try visiting Waterfowl Lake at either end of the day. It's home to a number of these huge creatures.

The Icefields Parkway continues on to Lake Louise, the magnificent setting for scenes in the movie “The Bodyguard”. Finally the road reaches Banff, leaving the peace and quiet of the wilder Jasper behind for good.

Exploring the Canadian Rockies is a must for lovers of rugged, mountain scenery. For those who want to experience the Rockies and its wildlife as closely as possible to how it would have been centuries ago, Jasper is the perfect base. The Rockies are waiting for you.

Sun Country Vacations Overview of the Destination Options, Airline, Resorts, & More

Sun Country Airlines has been offering great vacation packages over the past couple of years. The Airliner has come a long way since its humble, maiden voyage in 1983 between Sioux Falls and Vegas. Today, it offers flights to nearly 40 destinations in North America and the Caribbean, with many convenient nonstop flights. If you're looking for a cheap, yet fun travel package, consider Sun Country vacations.

Here is an overview of some of the vacation deals you will find with this company:

• Mexico & Caribbean Combo Deals

• Mexico Vacations

• Caribbean Vacations

• USA Vacations

• Costa Rica Vacations

There are also UFly rewards which are available to members who earn points. You might want to consider becoming a UFly member if you plan on traveling a lot.

You can also book a car rental with the purchase of a flight and / or hotel package to cities in all 50 US states. For large groups (10 or more), rely on the company's Group Department, as the experts will help you organize a customized travel experience. Rent a vehicle from Enterprise, national, or Alamo.

Sun Country vacations include some pretty nice resorts like Melia Hotels International, RIU, and Royal Hideaway Luxury Hotels & Resorts. Some hotels are family-friendly and some are for adults-only. There are a variety of options for you to choose from, no matter which destination you choose.

For US vacations, Sun Country has just added two new destinations to its growing list: New Orleans and Santa Barbara. Other destination options include Orlando, Las Vegas, Fort Meyers, New York City, and Hawaii. Flight schedules are usually available 6 months in advance. You can sign up to receive an email whenever a new vacation is available. Coach class passengers receive complimentary beverages, and first-class passengers get a wide range of complimentary snacks, meals, and beverages.

Modifications of Sun Country Vacations

The number of nights you can stay varies depending on the package, hotel, and flight schedule. The average number of nights booked through Sun Country vacations is eight. While it's always ideal to book well in advance, these vacation packages are available for booking up to 72 hours before departure time.

If you don't want to rent a car, some of packages include round-trip transfers between the hotel and airport. There is an option to add on a travel protection plan which covers lost / damaged luggage, 24-hour medical assistance (worldwide), price protection, etc.

One of the main reasons why people choose Sun Country vacations is due to the affordability. These are some of the least-costly travel packages available – and you can expect to have a good time!

The best partners of Sun Country Airlines are travel websites. It's where you should go whenever you need to book a vacation to any destination. With online coupon codes, you can get an even better deal on your trip. You won't find better discounts on Sun Country vacations anywhere else.

Travel Requirements For Dubai

If you are reading this article, there are pretty good chances you are planning a visit to Dubai, a wonderful city located in the UAE. Prior to planning your Dubai vacations, you need to know what the travel requirements for Dubai are. In this article we'll mention some of the things you need to know before your trip.

To enter the United Arab Emirates you'll need a visa, obtaining it should be easy and fast, since Dubai is well prepared to welcome visitors and tourists from all parts of the World. These Visas are obtained in just 72 hours, but there are cases where they can be expedited in less than a day. If you are an American citizen, you may enjoy the benefit of obtaining a visa for 30 days or less when entering Dubai; if you require a visa for longer visits, you'll need one before arriving to the UAE.

If you are planning to live or work in Dubai, you must know that a full medical test is required. People suffering from AIDS, will not be permitted to work or live in Dubai. As a matter of fact, you can get deported because of this law.

Once you arrive in Dubai, you will find different laws that you should know about. For example, when it comes to taking photographs, you need to be careful. As you may know, there are concerns of terrorism in the area, so avoid taking photographs to government buildings or military buildings. You can get arrested and face prosecution from local authorities if you fail to follow this requirement, the same happens with mapping using GPS devices.

There are also strict laws against alcohol consumption in public places. I know, many people want to get drunk on the cities they visit, but in Dubai, you cannot get an alcoholic beverage on restaurants in the city. The only places you'll find permission to drink alcohol are bars within the hotels. Which well, is very nice because hotels offer incredible bars at night!

Travel Tips – Packing Your Suitcase without Stress

The thrill of planning a trip will often light you up and consume all of your time. You look through guidebooks, talk to friends about their experiences, and research your itinerary on the internet. Still all this planning and research will not make the task of packing any less daunting.

Who hasn't stood at the foot of their bed with empty suitcases spread on top, the
night before a big trip, filled with anxiety because you still haven't packed?!?! You
try and try to think about exactly what you should be packed, throwing things in
and then taking them out. And you wonder, why didn't any of the guidebooks give
you any advice on packing?

Well, hopefully this guide will help you, so that you can confidently pack and enjoy
the moments leading up to your trip, rather than being stressed over the contents
of your bag.

Luggage – I recommend taking one carry-on and one checked suitcase.
Shorter trips may allow for a carry-on only, but I would never take more than one
checked bag no matter how long you are traveling. Remember, when you get to
your destination, you will need to carry your luggage and you don't know how far
you'll be lugging it. While we're talking about lugging your luggage … I would
recommend selecting a suitcase or pack that had wheels, but that you can also hand
carry. There are many varieties of large backpacks with wheels. The reasoning is
that if your wheels break off (a common occurrence along cobblestone streets), you
will still be able to carry your pack.

Shoes – Bring a pair of sneakers (or boots) for outdoor activities such as
hiking, and a dressier pair of closed-toe shoes for museums, dinner's out, or other
city ​​activities. If you are traveling to a hot locale, then also bring a pair of sandals
that can go from beach to dinner. Resist the urge to bring 10 pairs of shoes !!! As
someone who loves shoes, I always want to pack a wide variety … but we must avoid
packing too many shoes! They take up space, are heavy, and are an unnecessary

Shorts – When traveling to a hot climate, shorts are often considered a
requirement. Still, remember that in many cultures shorts are not considered
acceptable. For example, many museums and churches such as the Vatican will not
allow you to enter if you are wearing shorts (or have exposed shoulders for that
matter). Bring only a pair or two of shorts, and make sure that you have other light
weight options for hot weather.

Basics – Bring enough socks and underwear to last for every day of the
trip (up to two weeks) so that you will not need to do laundry. For longer trips,
understand that you will likely need to do laundry on the road if you do not want to
bring ridiculous amounts of luggage. As far as shirts, pants, skirts, and the rest …
Bring clothes that could be worn during the day or at night, and as a general rule
bring half as many items as you have days. Wearing items twice should be no
problem, and you will significantly lighten your load.

Rolling – To avoid wrinkles and use your precious packing area to the
max, fold your clothes in half (in the long direction), then roll as smoothly and
tightly as possible. When you arrive at your destination, your clothes will unroll
wrinkle-free. Stuff socks and underwear into your shoes and carefully place the
shoes on top of the rows or rolled clothes.

Toiletries – Bring all of your toiletries in travel size containers. Full size
shampoo bottles add unneeded weight to your pack. After selecting your toiletries,
place all items into zip-lock bags. If a bottle bursts during travel, you will be much
relieved to have the protection. If you are bringing make-up, keep it to the bare
necessities, avoid bringing extras like eyelash curlers. Any prescription medication
should be accompanied by the actual prescription and if possible, a note from your
physician. Keep the medication, as well as your toothbrush and toothpaste in your
carry-on, just in case your luggage is lost.

If you follow these basic packing rules, you will find that the process of packing and
carrying your luggage will be much easier. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy
your travels much easier knowing that you have brought what you need, but can still
carry the load.

Enjoy your trip (and your packing!)!